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Foundations of Yoga Philosophy – Short Course



Immerse yourself in Yoga philosophy, history, origins and traditions over 16 Monday afternoons.

Monday afternoons 18 July – 21 November

(Term Break 17 Sept to 03 Oct & Labour Day 24 Oct )

2pm – 5pm


Are you seeking a deeper understanding of Yoga? Would you like to learn more about  Yoga philosophy, origins, traditions and history.

We invite you to join  our Wellpark College Yoga Diploma Students for one afternoon per week for 16 weeks, starting on 18 July 2pm – 5pm.

For the first time we are allowing a limited number of community students to join our YG101 paper.

This is a Yoga theory class that relates to daily practice. No need to bring your mats.

Who is this course for?

This course is beneficial to any yoga practitioner or upskilling yoga teacher (with at least 6 months practice) who wants to understand more about the origins, philosophy and metaphysical components of Yoga and how they relate to present day practice.

What will the course cover? 

  • Definition of Yoga Philosophy.
  • Historical and Philosophical contexts of Yoga:
  • Contributions of Aryan, Dravidian cultures.
  • Vedras – Vedanta period
  • Janism and Buddhism
  • Sikhism and Sufism
  • Patanjali
  • Vedanta & use of rituals & symbology of Vedic Gods
  • Puranic Legends
  • Trantras & Yogic Scripture
  • The Koshas
  • Linking of post classical philosophies to current period
  • Relationships between Sankhya philosophy and Yoga philosophy
  • Human metaphysical concepts of Yoga (Tattwas)
  • Sutras from classical text and their relationship to Yoga and individual consciousness.
  • Introduction to the source and definition of nadis
  • Introduction to the source and definition of Chakras

What are the Benefits?

For some Yoga is a form of exercise for others Yoga is a personal journey and we will be asking you to explore and immerse yourself in the History and culture of Yoga. This will take your understanding of Yoga far beyond the Mat.

Should you wish, you will be allowed to complete the same assessments taken by the 1st year Yoga Diploma Students.  If you pass the assessments and you maintain a good attendance record you will be able to cross credit this paper should you wish to enrol onto the 1 Year Diploma of Yoga full time in 2017. You will be given limited access to Moodle so that you can refer to all the reading material talked about in class.

Who is your Teacher?


Gerald Lopez

Gerald Lopez teaches Ayurveda at Wellpark, as well as Managing a Complementary Therapies Practice. Gerald believes that ancient health systems like Ayurveda can contribute to 21st century healthcare, because it is rich with knowledge and understanding that has been lost through time in the West.
Gerald gained a Law degree in London in 1983, practised as a professional photographer for 20 years, as a Yoga instructor for 12 years, and as an Ayurvedic practitioner for 7 years. Gerald has a Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine and a Diploma of Yoga Therapy from Wellpark College


The following textbook will be referred to in class and you are advised to purchase a copy.

Stephen, M. (2010) Teaching yoga: Essential foundations and techniques. Berkeley, CA:North Atlantic


ISBN Sources 9781556438851 / /

Assessments – We realize that many of you will not have written an assessment in some time, therefore you are invited to attend our Orientation day on 11 July 10am – 12.30pm and our “Study Skills ” Module, on 12 July 9.30am – 4.30pm. We highly recommend that if you are planning to complete the assessments that you do attend the “Study Skills” class so that you gain a good understanding of essay writing, plagiarism and the Wellpark assessment support team.

For more information, please email us on

We will do our utmost to run the course on the advertised date however dates can be subject to change should the timetable need to be altered.

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