Yoga Practice – Which style is best for you?

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Yoga Practice – Which style is best for you?

Yoga Practice – How do you decide which is best yoga practice for you?


When someone says to you that they practice yoga, what’s your mental image of what that entails? You might think of people in calm savasana poses, prone on the floor and chanting. Or you might think of very active class times, with an instructor leading students through pose after pose.

     Whatever your visual of what a yoga practice might be, you’re probably right. That’s because there are lots of different types of yoga, and lots of different ways that a yoga practice can fit into your well-being goals.

     Of course, that very active yoga class exists; it often focuses on very challenging physical poses that will improve your cardio fitness levels. Some common examples include vinyasa and ashtanga. There are also more traditional yoga types, such as hatha; while challenging, these very much focus on breath practice and serve as a welcome introduction, particularly for new students.

    Not sure about the right yoga practice for you, or just interested in learning about the options available? Use this graphic to get started.


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