Scope of Practice definition of *normal/good health for Yoga one-on-ones and follow up

Yoga is a popular form of mind-body awareness and many people take yoga classes to relieve work/life stress and fatigue.

  • The sessions are of most benefit for people with NO chronic or acute health condition.
  • Please note that it is beyond the scope of the students? experience to treat any medical or physical conditions
  • The sessions are conducted in English language only.
  • Our yoga one-on-one sessions are not for remedial care.

For clients who come to the yoga one-on-one and follow up sessions at Prema clinic are not experiencing:

  • Acute injury
  • conditions or long term postural problems that have required surgery and may have left significant scar tissue or associated pain and discomfort in same or other body areas,
  • infections, viruses or other health conditions for which they are or have been recently taking prescription medication,
  • social (addictions – alcohol, drug etc.), or undergoing psychological assessment or treatments –
    That is clients for the yoga one-on-one and follow up sessions at Prema clinic should not require a Medical Certificate.

Clients who are experiencing any condition beyond normal good health in their pregnancy or just after pregnancy and have NOT received written consent from their Lead Maternity Carer or GP will not be able to book an appointment

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