Wellpark College Aromatherapy Zodiac – Gemini



22nd May – 22nd June

The sign Gemini, the Twins lies between Autumn and Winter, and some people see that as the significance of the sign. Gemini has obvious affinities with Mercury, the planet of communication and understanding, and Gemini people tend to have very lively minds: quick, versatile, inquiring, sociable,chatty and are often brilliants speakers or writers. Many Gemini are drawn to careers in the media, IT or other forms of communication.

Gemini’s signature oil is Basil, a very mentally stimulating oil, akin to this sign’s predominantly mental nature.

Mix Basil and Rosemary to enhance focus, concentration and creativity.

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See you there, Rina Poerwadi – your Tutor. Reference: Patricia Davis ,Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Gemini , p 77.