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September News and Updates 2021


Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

With Auckland still in Level 3 Covid Restrictions, the campus remains closed and it has been a month of online learning for the Wellpark College students. Our new IT Support Saroj has kept everyone connected and the students have done a fantastic job of keeping up with their studies during very trying.

Life on Campus

Meditation at Wellpark College Auckland

Nourishing mind, body and soul with online Meditation and Yoga Classes.

Luckily for Wellpark Students our Librarian Sonya is also a qualified Meditation teacher and has been running weekly online Meditation sessions. The sessions are designed to improve focus and memory & mental clarity and help students understand stress and anxiety triggers and find a peaceful and calm nature within the body.

Our friends at the Yoga school at Kawai Purura have been running free weekly online yoga classes.

Studying During Lockdown – Tips from Bel Sweetman-Jones

Studying during Covid 19 Lockdown Restrictions is difficult for so many reasons.

Bel Sweetman Jones was studying at Wellpark College for her Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage during the first New Zealand Covid 19 Lockdown restrictions.

We asked Bel to reflect on that time and give current students her advice, suggestions and tips on surviving lockdown. Bel has provided some great ideas on staying well, motivated and establishing routines.

Bel’s self-care tips for surviving lockdown in general

  • Keep positive, smiling and optimistic
  • Get the best sleep you can, and if you don’t sleep so well take a sleep supplement
  • Read motivational quotes and watch videos of anyone who inspires you on YouTube
  • Keep fit, e.g- ride a bike, run, walk, hike
  • Eat healthily, and keep hydrated with fluids for vitality.
  • Journal your feelings
  • Stay connected to a community, friends, and family
  • Remind yourself why you want to be a massage therapist, and believe in your ability to succeed
  • Remember we are only in lockdown for a short time- and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • You have got this, will and can do it… You will be an amazing Massage Therapist.
  • Read all Bel’s tips

Bel now runs Kowhai Kauri Massage

Herbs and Essential Oils

Essential Oil for Libra ~ Geranium.

Essential Oil Septembers

Geranium oil is known for being a calming and nourishing tonic to the nervous system, for those suffering from stress.

Geranium is the signature oil for Libra and has a strong aroma, it is used by Practitioners for healing and can be found in skincare ranges. Geranium oil is a super balancer in aromatherapy used to create harmony, helping to restore balance and offer a sense of stability.

Read more about Geranium Blends

Read more 

Kaupapa Māori research – guest talk from Dr Anne. A Hiha

On August 11th Wellpark College was lucky to have Dr Anne. A Hiha talk to our students and staff about Kaupapa Māori research. Dr Hiha has a vast range of experience and expertise which includes pedagogy and research, in particular Kaupapa Māori research.

Read more

2022 Programmes

Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

The Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (BNHM) qualification is a 3-year undergraduate programme. The course pillars of learning are scaffolded throughout and include philosophy of naturopathy, evidence-based practice, health science, and personal and professional development. The qualification is reinforced by skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and clinical judgement, aimed to prepare students for work as a naturopath. Students are trained to complete the most effective and up-to-date health assessments to support client care, in preparation for clinical practice. Theoretical and practical course work is provided to support students manage their own naturopathic clinic. In the 3rd Year of the program, students complete a full-year of guided clinical practice, under the supervision of experts in Clinical Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage

The NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage is a great start for a career as a healthcare practitioner in massage therapy. Graduates work within a scope of practice defined by wellness and relaxation massage. As emerging practitioners, you are being prepared to work autonomously (predominantly as a self-employed massage therapist) and collaboratively with other health professionals, providing client centered wellness and relaxation massage in a variety of career opportunities.

Fees Free

If you are a first-time learner you may be eligible for Fees Free. Check out the Fees Free website for more information or talk to our enrolments advisor.

Short Courses

Nutrition Course Auckland

Nutrition Course – Early Summer.

Day 1 – What is holistic nutrition? & healthy habits. Over 3 Saturdays you will cover;

  • Looking at how food affects stress levels, hormones and sleep patterns.
  • Covering water consumption and chemicals in foods, organics v. non-organic.
  • Healthy eating to prepare for the pre-Christmas silly season.
  • Day 2 – Micro & Macronutrients
  • Understanding what roles vitamins & minerals play in our health & wellbeing.
  • Eating to help boost your immune system
  • Learn why and in what amounts the body needs proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Day 3 – The gut microbiome & common diets
  • Discover why and how you can look after your gut health and digestion, understand the importance of probiotics and fibre in your diet.
  • Take a look at the pros and cons of common diets.

Future Dates

Wellpark College Open Day ~ To be advised.

Applications close for 2022 Bachelor of Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine ~ Fri 29 Oct

Kind Regards ~ The Wellpark College Team

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