Therapeutic Massage Scope of Practice.

Therapeutic Massage Scope of Practice

Only administered by Wellpark College of Natural Therapies Diploma of Therapeutic Massage Students

May include:

  • Client health information gathering and physical assessment of the client’s presenting conditions. This will incorporate subjective (questioning) and objective assessment (e.g., observation of posture, palpation, range of movement & other appropriate tests)
  • Develop with client an appropriate massage treatment plan
  • Massage therapy applied in a safe, ethical and effective manner
  • Massage treatment evaluation
  • Maintain high levels of professional presentation and conduct at all times
  • Referral of a client to an appropriate health professional when necessary (i.e., when the client’s condition lies outside of the massage practitioner’s scope of practice)

The Prema Clinic’s student massage practitioners will NOT:

  • Manipulate or make skeletal adjustments
  • Diagnose
  • Prescribe
  • Provide any other service, procedure or therapy

The Prema Clinic’s student massage practitioners are not permitted to treat:

  • Acute pain (not treated by Relaxation Certificate students, but may be treated by Therapeutic Diploma students if appropriate)
  • Acute infectious conditions associated with symptoms of fever, sneezing, coughing, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Severe cardiovascular conditions requiring medication
  • Clients taking anticoagulant medication (e.g., heparin or warfarin)
  • Any notifiable disease (as defined by the New Zealand Ministry of Health)
  • Malignancies or neoplasms, of any type (Relaxation Certificate students). May be treated by Therapeutic Diploma students if client has been cancer-free for at least 12 months and the client has explicit written approval from their licensed medical practitioner to receive massage as an adjunctive form of treatment.
  • Psychiatric conditions where psychosis is the diagnosed disorder
  • Any other contraindication for massage, or outside a Student’s scope of practice
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