In July 2018, Wellpark College relocated to Auckland's North Shore. The College is now located on the Kawai Purapura estate set in 19 acres of tranquil native bush and gardens.

Kawai Purapura is the Maori term for that eternal oneness that exists within the heart of all peoples and all creation. In other cultures and traditions this has been called: Self-realisation; satchidananda (being-ness, awareness, blissfulness in Vedanta) or nirvana (the essential nature in the Buddhist tradition). It is the state of non-dual awareness in which all the past (kawai) and all possible futures (purapura) exist in the eternal moment, pure presence.

A place is inherently sacred when people come together with the sacred intentions and work with the whenua (the land), papatūānuku (the earth) and their own sense of belonging to the place and to the community that inhabits the place.

This property was purchased by the Prema Trust in 2009, with the purpose of healing the land of its history and developing a long held dream of a residential care programme for natural medicine. It is currently a residential village of more than 90 people, a flourishing yoga centre, and a workshop and retreat centre & Campus for Wellpark College.

Facilities offered by Kawai Purapura include:

Organic Cafe

Walks & Trails



Community Classes


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