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Ko te wa¡hi ngaro te pakiaka

Ko Ranginui te ta¡ha ha

Ko Papata a¡nku t ta rangawawae

Ko te Taiao te korowai

Ko te Wellpark Kawai Purapura te patak

The unforseen is the basis
Sky Father being the mythical ridge-pole
Mother Earth being the collective standing point
Wellpark College and Kawai Purapura being the point of focus for this context

Dear friends,

The roots of natural healing grow deep into the earth and bind us to the land in a way that allows us to recognise that we were never really separate from her in the first place. In today’s world, clamouring for more and more consumption, more and more commodities to fill empty lives, natural medicine offers a return to our roots in a very practical and real way. Yet, there is a seeming dichotomy that we find ourselves caught up in. There is now a great deal of scientific information around natural medicine. Herbs are studied; effects of treatment are recorded and collated to allow for greater understanding of what it is that we do, and its effectiveness.

How do we reconcile our traditions with modern researched information? Even more important, how do we maintain our traditions in the face of the demand for evidence, and is the fact that our traditions have lasted and are still in use, evidence enough? These questions have great importance and significance for all of us and finding the answers to them is an imperative we cannot ignore. How then should we approach such an endeavour? The answers may be varied and complex, but the College has attempted to respond by the development of degree programme “ the Bachelor of Naturopathy, and the establishment of the Albany project.

I would like to expand on both of these significant milestones in the Colleges growth. The Bachelor of Naturopathy is a three-year programme, the details of which are to be found in this prospectus, which combines the age-old philosophies that have formed the basis of natural medicine, with modern medical science, including research. However, the programme pays more than just lip service to such concepts. The student is encouraged to imbibe and inculcate these processes into their journey so that they become a transformative force for understanding and the growth of wisdom, as well as knowledge. The delivery of a degree programme is a significant step in the Colleges growth, and we believe that this programme, the first degree in Naturopathy in New Zealand, has the potential to enhance the standing of naturopathic and herbal medicine within health care delivery.

The land at Albany, on the North Shore will realise a dream long-held, of having a residential care programme for natural medicine. Portions of this programme will be offered free of charge to people who would normally not have access to such care. It is also envisaged that this programme will offer internships within a graduate clinical programme, allowing graduates to work within a supportive, integrative medicine environment, gaining experience from senior practitioners, thereby enhancing their ability to work within this growing field of health care. Alongside of this programme, the land will also hold a research centre, a residential village (open to students to live there), a retreat centre and the venue for Wellpark classes.

These are exciting times, but they are also challenging ones. Health care is critical. The recognition of natural medicine as having a legitimate, even an honoured place in enhancing the health of the nation is a crucial step that we believe must be taken by Governments and policy makers, health boards and health organisations. This must be built upon recognition of the inherent wisdom within natural medicine, coupled with the power of research. We have the ability to shape the future of health care, which is exciting but involves real responsibilities. Undergoing courses at the College will allow you to become part of a greater vision of healing the nation.

Yours in health and happiness

Phillip Cottingham

ND. BHSc. (Complementary Medicine) PG Dip.HSc. Grad Dip Herbal Medicine Dip.HOM. Dip MASS.

Tenaa Koutou, Tenaa Koutou, Tenaa Koutou Katoa.