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A career as a Nutritionist!

Kelly Joseph was the winner of Wellpark College Silver Jubilee Smoothie Challenge and part of Kelly’s $13500.00 prize package was a full scholarship to study Wellpark’s 2 year Diploma in Nutrition.

Kelly tells us why she wants a career as a Nutritionist.

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We already know that Kelly can make an amazing Smoothie packed with healthy ingredients, but what else does Kelly love about Nutrition and cooking healthy food.

When did you develop an interest in Nutrition and healthy eating?

I think my interest came about after having children and thinking about the best way to give kids nutritious tasty food.  Kid’s are often fussy eaters it is sometimes a struggle to figure out what appeals to them especially when we have such busy lives and are often on a budget. I really enjoy cooking and working out what gives the best nutritional bang for its buck, as it were.

We know that you are good at making Smoothies what else do you like to cook?

I love to bake.  These days I try to keep it a little more healthy with little ones around, so I always think about ways I can modify a recipe to make it healthier but still keep it yummy.  Like using sugar substitutes and adding healthy oils, nuts and flours.  I love that cooking can be really creative.

Is there a particular area of Nutrition and eating for better health that interests you, (ie Childhood Obesity, Food allergies, Teenage health, older people,Diabetes, High Cholesterol ).

I’m quite interested in issues surrounding children’s health as well as teens and families.  I am also interested in the connection between food and mental well-being and how food can help heal a range of health issues.  I love that nutrition can be healing on a very holistic level.

 Once you complete your Diploma what would your dream job in Nutrition be?

I think working in some kind of co-operative or shared clinic with like-minded health practitioners would be fantastic.  And helping people from all walks of life would be my dream, especially those people who might be struggling financially.

 What is the one ingredient that you wouldn’t be without and why?

Ginger is one of my favourite ingredients.  I use it in smoothies and cooking, adding to healing drinks during winter months, and it’s great for easing tummy upsets.  It’s really invaluable as both a delicious and healing ingredient.

Kelly Joseph interview by Nikki Morgan


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