Is it Possible to Eat Out and still be Healthy?

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Is it Possible to Eat Out and still be Healthy?

Is it Possible to Eat Out and still be Healthy?

You’ve been sticking to a healthy diet, then you get invited out for dinner, what should you choose from the menu to allow you to maintain your healthy eating plan.Top 10 Tips…

  1. Water is the cheapest and healthiest drink – add berries, citrus fruits or mint to naturally flavour water, instead of sugar-laden soft drinks.
  2. Eat your salad or vegetables first – fill your stomach with goodness first, you’re more likely to eat vegetables at the beginning than the end.
  3. Avoid white carbs – white bread, white rice and white pasta offer no nutritional benefit to the body, unless they’re cold (resistant starch).
  4. Skip the filler foods like bread – filler foods include all processed carbs e.g. bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and flour products.
  5. Choose brown rice instead of white rice sushi – at least you’re getting more B vitamins, manganese, fibre and other nutrients.
  6. Deep fried foods contain the worst types of fats – trans/hydrogenated fats are linked to heart disease, high cholesterol and inflammation.
  7. Olive oil-based dressings rather than creamy dressings – olive oil reduces cholesterol, visceral fat, and supports heart health.
  8. Almond/coconut milk hot drinks instead of regular milk – cows milk has growth hormones which interrupt our endocrine (hormone) system.
  9. Stick to one course (not dessert!) – bought food is usually more calorie dense than homemade food as fat is flavour.
  10. Remember your ratios: at least 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% or less carbs – order a side of salad or vegies instead of bread or potatoes.

Yes it is possible to eat out and still be healthy!

Written by Olivia Kennedy , Wellpark Graduate, Naturopath and Nutritionist.

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