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Vetiver Essential Oil Blends

Vetiver – Essential Oil for Capricorn


The signature oil for January and the Zodiac sign of Capricorn is Vetiver which reflects perfectly with earthy nature of Capricorn. Vetiver is a grounding and tranquility oil which will be helpful for the ambitious Capricorns. Try putting a drop of Vetiver on the soles of your feet before bedtime to assist you with a good night sleep.

Capricorn starts from 22nd December to 20th  January. Capricorns may be very ambitious and career-oriented people, who will climb painstakingly from one objective to the next to achieve their goals. No wonder the part of the body associated with Capricorn are the knees.

Vetiver Essential Oil Blends

Grounding Blend

  • Aromatherapy Reflexology combined with a relaxing leg massage is  recommended for Capricorns as they need regular help to ground themselves. Try a once a week reflexology massage with your own grounding blend oil of 30 ml Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil with 5 drop of warming Ginger, 4 drops of Vetiver will keep you calm. 30 ml is enough for several treatment.

Tranquility Blend

  • A head massage will benefit Capricorns to help cool down  their ambitious mind.  Massage your head, neck and shoulder with 30 ml Sweet Almond Oil, add 15 drops Orange, 10 drops Benzoin, 1 Vetiver and 5 Lavender.

Blends By Rina Poerwadi Massage Tutor at Wellpark College 

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