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Am I ready to study Yoga Teacher Training?



I love Yoga but am I ready to study Yoga Teacher Training?

There are no hard and fast answers to this question, but if you love your Yoga, practice on a regular basis, already have an understanding of the amazing health benefits of Yoga and are excited about getting others involved, then the chances are that you ready to take your Yoga to the next level, and study Yoga Teacher Training with a view to becoming a  qualified Yoga Teacher.
Some of the students that come to study our 1 year Diploma of Yoga at Wellpark College are firm Yogis and others are just starting out, but all students are on an Holistic journey together. Under the guidance of our amazing Yoga Teachers Dr Sridhar Maddela and Dr Pooja Maddela you will learn not only about Asanas, Anatomy, and Physiology, but you will also gain a deep understanding of the History, Philosophy and Tradition of Yoga. As Dr Sridhar says “health is achieved by changing the perception of the environment by practicing the principles of Yoga”.
It’s a big decision to take on 1 year of full time study, so you need to be sure that you pick the right college. Take the opportunities to attend the open evenings, have a private tour of the campus, talk to the teachers and present students. If you decide to study with Wellpark College in Auckland, New Zealand, then meet or have a Skype chat with our wonderful Student Liaison Manager, Denise Cowen, who will spend time talking to you about the course and the College and helping you through the enrolment process.
All of Wellpark Colleges Yoga Courses are NZQA accredited which gives you peace of mind that you are going to receive an excellent education and a recognised qualification.
Studylink loans are available.

You might to ready to start studying in February 2015, you might be 6 months away from becoming a full time Yoga Student or at this stage studying to become a Yoga teacher might only be a pipe dream. Wherever you are in your planning stage, keep in touch with us at Wellpark College through our Blog, FB page or Newsletter and when you are ready, join us and enjoy the journey with likeminded Yoga students who are passionate about Natural Health Care.


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