Jasmine Essential oil for July

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Jasmine Essential oil for July

July Essential Oil of the month


Leo starts from 24th July to 23rd August. The sign of performers, actors, musicians, dancers, pop stars and creative people.

The signature oil for Leo is Jasmine.

An essential oil with a powerful aroma. Bold, with confident energy, ready to be the centre of attention.

Leo’s need to find time for recreation or creative activities.  Leo’s should be mindful of health issues such as high blood pressure, palpitations or heart problem. A calming and comforting environment will help to create a nurturing and caring ambience that energize their hearts.

July Blends 

Love me unconditionally

  • A regular massage is beneficial for Leo’s emotional well being. Make this blend by mixing 20 or 30 ml sweet almond oil with 3 drops Jasmine, 3 drops Clary sage and 4 drops of Nutmeg. This blend will make Leo feel over the moon.

This is a show time

  • This blend can be put in an inhaler device by adding 4 drops Jasmine, 10 drops Neroli and 3 drops Clary sage. Take this inhaler everywhere you go, have a little sniff before leaving the house, another sniff when you go to the restroom and another sniff in the car on the way home. Voila! See the spotlight?

Written by Rina Poerwadi, Massage tutor at Wellpark College

If you are pregnant of have a health condition please consult a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils.

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