Black Pepper Oil – Essential Oil for November

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Black Pepper Oil – Essential Oil for November

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The signature Essential Oil for Sagittarians is Black Pepper.

Tonic, stimulant, fiery, Black Pepper reminds us of the Sagittarians. This is an Essential oil that ‘gets straight to the point’ like the Archer’s arrow.

Sagittarius starts from 23rd November to 21st  December. The last of the Fire signs. The Greeks called it ‘the Archer’. Today, we recognize Sagittarius as a Centaur or a Man Horse; represents two sides of human nature: the animal and the divine. Sagittarians are inquisitive and enthusiastic who wants to clarify and comprehend what they have learnt and pass it on to others. Many Sagittarians become teachers.

Black Pepper essential oil Blends for November / December

My Comfort Zone

  • Massage is highly recommended for Sagittarians. Their ‘ teacher’ quality often needs relaxation and calming. A massage blend with 30 ml Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil with 2 drops of warming Ginger, 1 drop of Black Pepper, 5 Rosewood, 3 Clary Sage and 3 Lavender will create a sense of comfort.

A Quick Fix

  • Sagittarians are quite physical people, energetic, quick-moving and strong. Aching muscles may need fast relief from time to time. Making a massage blend for the isolated areas is recommended for active Sagittarians. In 30 ml Sweet Almond Oil and 20 ml Arnica Oil, add 15 drops Marjoram, 10 drops Ginger 5 drops Nutmeg, 5 drops Black Pepper, 15 Rosemary.

Nikki Morgan / Rina Poerwadi Aromatherpist and Massage Diploma Tutor at Wellpark College

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