Eat Healthy – It’s as easy as ABC!

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Eat Healthy – It’s as easy as ABC!

Eat Healthy – It’s as easy as ABC!


Wellpark College Naturopathy and Nutrition graduate Olivia Kennedy believes everyone can eat healthy, it doesn’t have to be complicated or require lots of fancy ingredients, in fact healthy and balanced nutrition can be a simple as ABC.

Eat healthy start by checking out Olivia’s Alphabet of nutrition.

Avocado – nutritious, delicious, versatile and rich in beneficial fats for the body.

Brazil nuts – highest source of selenium.  Eat 2-3 every day for your daily dose.

Cacao – one of the world’s best antioxidants.  Eat dark chocolate early in the day.

Dates & dried fruit – use as nutritious sweeteners instead of white sugar.

Eggs – nutritious & versatile.  Include daily for easily absorbable protein.

Flax & chia seeds – soak overnight in water/milk to add extra fibre to your breakfast.

Ginger – for improving digestion, pain, inflammation, nausea and travel sickness etc.

Herbs & spices – experiment to enhance digestion & food flavour.  Use fresh or dried.

Iceberg lettuce & nori sheets – use as wraps instead of bread.  Endless combinations.

Juice – vegetables to alkalise the body.  Alkaline body = no chronic disease.

Kale & leafy greens – at least one large handful every day.  No excuses!

Lemon or apple cider vinegar – one tablespoon before food to enhance digestion.

Maca & other superfoods – most nutrient dense foods in the world per gram.

Nuts & seeds – each has different nutrients so eat a variety.  Choose raw not roasted.

Oil – extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut, olive, flax, avocado & macadamia.  Use daily.

Pineapple, papaya/pawpaw, kiwifruit & sprouts – highest in enzymes for digestion.

Quinoa & ancient grains e.g. millet, buckwheat & amaranth – better than wheat.

Raspberries & other berries – rich in antioxidants & vitamin C.  Buy fresh or frozen.

Seaweed – highest source of iodine which is deficient in NZ soils.  Use in cooking.

Tahini (sesame seed butter) & other nut/seed butters – homemade dips & dressings.

Unpasteurised & unhomogenised milk – raw milk more nutritious than processed milk.

Vegetables – aim for 80% of your plate.  Get creative e.g. smoothies & snacks.

Water – 2+ litres every day.  Herbal teas count.  Flavour water with fruit.

eXercise & incidental movement – incorporate into daily life with little effort.

Yoghurt & fermented foods – probiotics improve digestion & bowel motions.

Zinc – oysters, red meat, seafood & pumpkin seeds.  Supplement may be required.

Olivia Kennedy – Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist and past Wellpark College student




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