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Nutrition Course

If you are ready to start studying Nutrition in 2020 then we encourage you to consider our Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine.

The Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine covers holistic nutrition and using food as medicine and will allow you to have a significant professional career in natural health.

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What does a nutritionist do?

Nutritionists may choose to focus their practice in a specialised area, such as sports nutrition, weight management or food service, or work in the private or public sector.

Wellpark College trained Nutritionists look holistically at a person’s health, lifestyle and dietary habits and provide them with personalised nutritional advice. Nutritionists often work in, assisting people to identify and change dietary habits that could lead to future health problems. As a Nutritionist, you will have a strong understanding of the connection between diet and disease and how nutrition and lifestyle factors impact overall wellbeing. In addition to providing nutritional assessment, advice and ongoing support to clients, Nutritionists may be involved in coordinating community health initiatives, promoting nutritional education and researching population health.

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