Naturopathy Graduate talks about her time at Wellpark College.

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Naturopathy Graduate talks about her time at Wellpark College.



We were lucky enough to have Naturopathy Graduate, Eleanor Toft, speak at last weeks Open evening. For those of you who attended I’m sure that you will agree that Ellie’s talk about her time at Wellpark College was inspiring. If you weren’t able to make it along last Monday, below is an interview with Ellie from the Graduation Ceremony in May where she was the winner of the David Duggan Award for Overall Excellence.

“Winning the David Duggan Award for Overall Excellence means a huge amount to me.  I am really passionate about Natural Health and had waited a long time for the stars to align to enable me the freedom to study.  Having never previously studied at a higher academic level, I had no idea how challenging I would find the process at times.  However, I soon discovered that I absolutely loved researching, reading, writing and learning.  I feel absolutely blessed to have had the experience at Wellpark College, where due to the intimate nature of the College and class sizes, there is always open tutor/student discussion, enabling the ability to question and explore.  To be presented with the Award on Graduation night was the most fantastic feeling and more than anything the realisation that my huge effort was worth it.  I believe that it will benefit my future career, as it is formal recognition of my level of commitment and dedication to my chosen career path”.
Do you have any advice for other students?

“My advice to students embarking on any study programme is to have passion and commitment for what you are studying.  Always attend lectures and be prepared with pre-reading as instructed.  Also be prepared to go beyond the requirements set by your tutors – investigate further and don’t be afraid to question.  Push yourself beyond your comfort zone!  When I saw the David Duggan Award for Overall Excellence displayed at the College, I set my sights on it!  This meant that I pushed myself that little bit further when doing assignments and studying for exams.

It’s often hard to find a study/life balance but remember it’s okay to be selfish with your study time as it’s a finite time frame and the more you put into it the more you’ll gain.  It’s too easy to succumb to social pressure”.


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