Discover Auckland with International Student Lily.

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Discover Auckland with International Student Lily.

Discover Auckland.

Auckland is a vibrant City. The biggest city in New Zealand offer lots to visitors who want to explore the city from shopping, restaurants, bars and galleries, stunning beaches and many more sightseeing spots than you can imagine.

Lily is an International Student from Malaysia studying for her Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine at Wellpark College. Here are some of Lily’s favourite places to visit and cafes to try out.

Places to visit in Auckland

Mount Wellington

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A great walk around the base of the Mount Wellington volcano, explore the Stonefields residential development. The walk can be extended as far up to the summit of Mount Wellington for views over Auckland.

Auckland Botanical garden – a great place to have a walk

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The garden is simply stunning with over 10,000 plants from over the world. A must visit if you are into walking as the garden is surrounded with lovely flowers, trees, shrubs and ferns. You could walk around the gardens for hours!

A collection of superb artworks and sculptures displayed throughout the gardens.  The garden set out in many different themes in accordance to the plant types keeps you wanting to explore more and not to miss any corner of the garden.

There’s also live entertainment throughout the year. Botanical garden is just a 15 minutes’ drive from Auckland Airport and entrance is free with plenty of free car parking too. The great thing about the botanical gardens is that the seasons offer an amazing backdrop for providing different experiences for visitors. There are also a lot of free activities and events available throughout the seasons ranging from free guided walks to tree stories telling sessions. It is a great venue for spending time with family and friends. This is definitely one of the spot not to miss when you come to Auckland.

Butterfly lawn is just stunning!

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The native plant garden

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Other interesting places not to be missed

Arts and crafts


​Immerse yourself in Auckland’s art, Māori culture and history. Browse local galleries, stroll through wine and sculpture parks and experience a cultural performance or guided tour – there are lots of ways to discover Auckland culture. A full day guided tour (9am to 5pm) which give you lots of information about the Maori history, places and people throughout the tour.

The Helensville Railway station

There is a working model of Helensville set in the 1950s with lots of railway collection including railway artifacts and local railways pictorial exhibition in the museum building. Opening hours are 11 am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

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Places to eat in Auckland

Chop chop noodles House – 140 Ponsonby  Road– open 7 days – 12 noon till late

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Food truck garage – Open daily (11:30am till late)

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This is an interesting concept of healthy fast food selling from a truck. It is located at the heart of the city, 90 Wellesley Street.

Cassia – Modern Indian restaurant in the city of Auckland –  5 Fort Street,

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Wellpark College International Student meet monthly to share experiences and swap ideas on great places to visit whilst studying in the city.


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