International Student Lily – What am I studying in Year 2 of my Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine Degree.

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International Student Lily – What am I studying in Year 2 of my Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine Degree.

Lily Simms International Student in New Zealand

Lily you are a Year 2  International Student studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine – Can you tell what  you have been learning in year 2?

“I am studying nutrition 2, health assessment and introduction to clinical practice in my year 2 of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine degree.  This year I learnt how naturally occurring toxic substances in foods and environmental toxicity can affect our health and the need of balanced nutrition in our diet is crucial in different life stages.  I also learnt how to interpret laboratory test results, assess different health conditions which share similar signs and symptoms through the process of differential diagnosis. Furthermore, second year naturopathic student has a chance to see one client as part of their assessment to experience the process of naturopathic consultation with a client so that naturopathic students are more confident before they come into actual practice after graduation”.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt this term?

“The most interesting thing I have learnt last term was how proper nutrition and diet could dramatically improve ones’ health condition”

Is there any area of health and Wellness that you’d like to specialise in?

“I think I will be interested in elderly healthcare as elderly are the major population who needs the most attention in their healthcare due to aging process elderly tend to have higher prevalence of chronic disease, physical disabilities and other co-morbidities.

Why do you think more people are becoming interested in taking a natural approach to health?

“Most people nowadays use natural health because they are more aware that natural medicine cause less harm and are able to treat the root cause rather than temporary relieve of the health condition”.

Is there a history of people using Natural health in Malaysia?

“Yes. I  recalled that my grandmother generation have applied different modalities in natural healing and native herbs to treat their illnesses in the past”.

What do you think the biggest health concern is facing the world right now?

“I would think foodborne illnesses are the biggest health concern that we should look into it. Food is a necessity in our everyday life. However, the food we eat everyday maybe contaminated with microbial pathogen or toxic chemicals that we may not aware of. Therefore, food safety and knowledge of food selection playing important part in our life to prevent us or minimize the risk of contacting foodborne diseases. Wellpark College also provides food safety education as part of our learning process in the naturopathic and herbal medicine program”.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give other International students thinking about coming to New Zealand to Study Natural Health?

“I would explain to people back home that how natural medicine is so important these days and this is one of the way to treat illnesses which has minimal harm to our body and able to treat the root cause and eventually possible to cure the illnesses”.

You are from the Malaysia. What do you miss most about home?

“I would say I miss my family back home, our foods and our Malaysia culture”.

Your New Zealand “Must do” list would include

Favourite beach = Misson Bay

Favourite Café = Little Bird organic

Favourite place to go shopping = Slyvia Park

Favourite place in Auckland = Queen street

Favourite place outside of Auckland = Coromandel


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