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Wellpark College Graduate presenting at the NHAA




Congratulations to Wellpark College Graduate Sandy Watts.

Wellpark College Graduate, Sandy Watts  was the 2016 winner of the Wellpark College John Carter award for Naturopthic Excellence.  Jill Dunn, Wellpark College’s Academic Leader was so impressed with Sandy’s work that she encouraged her to submit her abstract from the case report, prepared to complete her Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine degree, to NHAA (Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia).

“The case report was completed as part of our clinicals course, where we worked with two clients, each with the same chronic condition for a total of eight sessions, over a period of just over three months.  From here we selected one client to write up our case reports”.

We are delighted that Sandy’s abstract from her case report has been accepted for an ‘individual oral presentation’ of 20 minutes at the NHAA conference in Brisbane, which runs from 17-19 March, next year.

The NHAA was calling for abstracts aligning with the theme of ‘innovation, integration, inspiration’ relating to chronic health conditions (including type 2 diabetes), that can provide practical application for naturopaths, herbalists, and health practitioners using herbal medicine.

Abstracts also needed to align with particular sub themes including ‘Research – innovative and inspirational research relevant to the broad field of herbal medicine, such as efficacy and effectiveness, clinical practice, health services, health behaviour and education’, and ‘Clinical – innovative complementary and integrative approaches to chronic health conditions in clinical practice’.

The title of Sandy’s case report is ‘The naturopathic management of diabetes mellitus type two: a case report’.  The case report demonstrated that naturopathic treatment proved useful, in this case, in improving management of type 2 diabetes, and can complement conventional care in type 2 diabetes, empowering client change and fostering medication compliance.

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