Spring 2020 Newsletter from Wellpark College

2020 – WHAT A YEAR
Studying in Lockdown

It’s certainly been a challenging year for everyone and we wanted to say a massive “Well Done” to our students who, throughout the lockdowns, embraced online learning via Zoom and continued with their studies. We have some amazing tutors and staff at Wellpark College who rose to the challenge and enabled classes to continue. Teaching Neuromusculoskeketal Anatomy Classes to our Massage students and finding things like bony landmarks via Zoom was certainly interesting as were completing assessments for the Foundations of Herbal Medicine at home for our Naturopathy students, but we all pulled together and made it happen. As we go into Term 4 we are delighted that our students now have the option to be back on campus and studying together.


As we head into Spring our Naturopathy Students have been busy in the College gardens. Seedlings being planted, herb beds being tidied, composting bins being sorted and a worm farm set up so that we can recycle the College kitchen waste and turn it into liquid fertiliser to use on the college gardens.


Student Training Clinic the Prema Clinic

In Term 4 our 3rd Year, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine students are offering a Free Wellness plan and consultation at the Prema Clinic.

Our students can help you with a range of health concerns from digestion issues to allergies to restless sleep problems and stress & anxiety.

Appointments include a consultation, a wellness plan to take home and a follow-up appointment.

Location – The Prema Clinic, Albany
Days – Wednesday afternoons/evenings from 12.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Thursday afternoons from 1 pm – 4.30 pm
Consultation price – FREE

Appointments are limited so please book yours by emailing us at premaclinic@wellpark.co.nz
Herbal remedies purchased from the Prema Clinic do incur a cost.


Wellpark College

2021 Courses at Wellpark College
Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine – 3 years
Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage – 1 Year

Our Enrolment Advisor, Alida Combrink will take you through the easy steps of the enrolment process, show you around the campus and retreat and offer advice on applying for Studylink Loans and Fees Free.
Book a chat with Alida to find out more about our courses and qualifications, study options, student loans, Fees Free and career prospects.
Simply book me – http://wellparkcollege.simplybook.me
Alida’s email – enrolmentadvisor@wellpark.co.nz

Come and visit us on Saturday 14 November 2 pm – 4.30 pm

Take a tour of our campus classrooms, facilities and gardens.
Visit our purpose-built student training clinic – The Prema Clinic.
Talk with tutors and find out more about our courses.
Meet our graduates and hear about the jobs they are doing now.
Find out more about student loans, Fees Free, study options and timetables.

Nutrition mentor

Congratulations to Wellpark Graduate and short course tutor Olivia Kennedy on the publication of her new book, The Nutrition Mentor. A guide to demystifying the conflicting nutrition information people are bombarded with in the media, on social media and by Dr Google.

Tempeh Salad


Tempeh Lunch Bowl – By Oliva Kennedy
Enjoy a high protein healthy lunch bowl this week
Click for the full recipe https://www.livsapothecary.co.nz/lunch-bowl/

Kind Regards
The Wellpark College Team
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