Scorpio – Aromatherapy Horoscope

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Scorpio – Aromatherapy Horoscope

Scorpio  – Aromatherapy Horoscope

October    24th Oct – 22nd Nov

Scorpio often gets a bad press! Maybe because people associate this sign with the ‘sting in the tail’ but more likely because this is the deepest, most secretive sign in the entire Zodiac.

Scorpio people tend to have very strong emotions, but find it difficult to express them. This maybe engenders a certain amount of suspicion in many people, to whom they merely appear moody. Scorpio people don’t make friends easily and prefer to have a small circle of close and trusted friends rather than a wider circle of casual acquaintances.

Your signature oil is Patchouli – the ‘deepest’ base note oil in aromatherapy. Patchouli has a very strong sweet aroma and often used in perfume making to retain the base note aroma. If you like Patchouli essential oil, use  only a drop and rub it behind ears, wrist and upper part of your chest. Enjoy the long lasting aroma of your natural perfume. Find out more about Aromatherapy at AT 101’s class.

See you there, Rina Poerwadi – your Tutor. Reference: Patricia Davis , Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Scorpio, p 97.



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