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Essential Oil for September

Essential Oil for Libra – Geranium

Libra starts from 24th September to 23rd October. The only sign represented by an inanimate object – a pair of scales. So, it is understandable that justice, fairness and balance are very important to Librans.

Libra is the diplomat and peacekeeper of the zodiac with impeccable taste and appreciation of beautiful things.  Due to their sense of balance, Libran are less likely to overindulge. Librans should be mindful of health issues concerning their lower backs and kidneys.

Librans needs to watch out for overwork, overindulgence and mental overload.

The signature oil for Libra is Geranium, this is a super balancer in aromatherapy to create harmony. Geranium has a strong aroma, which not everyone could tolerate. Mix it with a more ‘mature’ aroma such as Rose and Sandalwood will create a balance between maturity, wisdom and harmony. If you don’t like Geranium at all, change it for Palmarosa.

September Geranium Blends

Your ‘centerfold’ spritz

  • Don’t get this wrong! This is spritz is to create a balance within yourself but it will still have you looking gorgeous and feeling vibrant, glamorous. In 100 ml Mineral Spring Water, add 4 Geranium, 4 Rose, 4 Grapefruit and 2 Rosewood. Shake well and spray it on the face, the back of your neck and your feet. You are ready for a party! Don’t forget to smile, Libran.

Sunday Chill

  • Time to look after yourself after a busy week and to ‘tame’ the tendency of overindulging. Go to a spa for 75 minutes massage but bring your own massage oil blend. Mix 20 ml Sweet Almond Oil, 10 ml Apricot Oil, then add 4 drops Sandalwood, 2 drops Palmarosa, 2 drops Ginger, 2 Rose and 3 Neroli. Drink plenty of water after a massage and the next day to promote flush out from your body. Make the kidneys happy.


By Rina Poerdawi, Massage tutor at Wellpark College.

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Please seek the advice of a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils if you are pregnant of have health issues.


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