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Cancer – Aromatherapy Zodiac Guide



June 23rd June – 23nd July

Cancer is a Water sign but if we look a little deeper we find that the fires mark the end of  lengthening days and as the days begin to draw in, we look inwards, to home and family, and this is the realm of Cancer.

Cancerians are often deeply emotional people, though they may not find it easy to express their feelings, hiding inside their ‘shell’ like the Crab for whom the sign is  named. Within the shell, though , they are often extremely vulnerable. This shell is vital for  Cancerian’s emotional well being, separating them from the overwhelming ocean of emotions outside,which might otherwise become more than they could manage.

Because of their protective shell, Cancerians may not be the easiest people to help with Aromatherapy. Your signature oil is Blue Chamomile. Blend with one tablespoon carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Grapeseed, 2 drops of Blue Chamomile will help to ease stomach cramps , colitis, gastritis or  diarrhea, especially of they have their roots in stress or anxiety.

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Reference: Patricia Davis  Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Cancer, p 81.


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