Top Tips for studying during a Lockdown

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Top Tips for studying during a Lockdown

Studying during Covid 19 Lockdown Restrictions is difficult for so many reasons.

Bel Sweetman Jones was studying at Wellpark College for her Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage during the first New Zealand Covid 19 Lockdown restrictions.

We asked Bel to reflect on that time and give current students her advice, suggestions and tips on surviving lockdown as a student, on staying well, motivated and establishing routines that keep you learning and on top of your studies.

Bel has since graduated and now runs Kowhai Kauri Massage Therapist

Bel has since graduated and now runs Kowhai Kauri Massage Therapist

How did you approach learning in lockdown last year?

“I was Optimistic, and positive…I took this as a chance to focus on making my time management balanced for e.g- how much time I dedicated to work/revision, spending time with family and also wellbeing for myself. I was new to learning online- I found the tutorials, moodle, and teachings and video chats all very straightforward”.

How important was it to establish a routine?

“I believe it is best to stay in a routine. If you like waking in the morning and heading straight into some revision and work then schedule this in. Time in breaks, exercise, meals etc. The more organised you can be in this regard the more focussed and easier the whole process will pan out. I had to be diligent with my time as I had two young kids, and in this circumstance needed to let things sway sometimes. I always tried my best to stick to a plan”.

How did you stay motivated?

“Meditation daily was my first go to, 10-20 mins. I would try a body movement practice such as yoga or qi gong daily as well to move through energy and rejuvenate me from within. I put quotes on a board that inspired my work. I spoke to colleagues and tutors when I needed to bounce ideas and get some advice and motivation also”.

How important was it to take regular breaks?

“Breaks are a wonderful way to revive, refresh and rejuvenate the whole system, and something that is definitely important to study.

I did regular yoga to balance my body, mind and spirit, and also practised Qi Gong, online too.  Short walks are great to get your mind clear I found being in nature with trees, plants a huge benefit. Journaling is also a wonderful way to just collate your thoughts and feelings and observe what comes up for you on any given day”.

Did you stay in contact with other students?

“Yes my college class had a Facebook messenger chat and also swapped emails and numbers and we regularly checked in with each other- asking questions about studies, and just making sure we were all doing ok. Keeping connected whilst in lockdown keeps you on track with work and keeps your motivation up”.

Do you have any tips on snacking or good foods to eat while studying?

“I would recommend drinking lots of water, getting plenty of vitamin d when you can. I tried my best to have smoothies with lots of fresh berries, bananas and protein powder.  A good amount of fish or fish oil is recommended to help the brain in all its amazing efforts”.

What are your tips on studying during a lockdown and managing children who are also learning online?

“If you have a partner who will be helping you with children sit down and sort out a timetable you can work around – where they have time with kids and you have time getting your work done. If you are a single mum or dad with kids- then possibly asking someone to be in a bubble with you to help with kids for an hour or two each day where you can get important work completed.

Using the few hours children are asleep still to work on course assignments could also be possible also- I would wake at 5 am some days meditate and then get into work online before the kids woke at 730am. Giving them your undivided attention for the times they are at work or with you will show up positively in the way they behave” 😊

As a Massage student, how did you keep up your practical/hands-on learning during a lockdown?

“I tried my best to practice on my family- I had three during lockdown living in my house- with my portable bed there- it was easy to drape- practice with a real body, and have some hands-on time. If you aren’t able to practice on anyone, revise the wonderful videos of Barbara Fleming, (a Wellpark College Massage Tutor) which will bring you into that space. You can also use a mannequin to practice on”.

Did you have any essential oils or relaxation techniques that you used during lockdown?

“Essential Oils are my favourite… I really am a fan of geranium, sweet orange, and rosemary essential oils. The rosemary help focus, the sweet orange brings happiness, and the geranium brings balance. I diffuse in the room when studying, and or relaxing. Can be used in the bath with Epsom salts too.

“What are your best wellness / self-care tips for surviving lockdown in general”?

  • Keep positive, smiling and optimistic
  • Get the best sleep you can, and if you don’t sleep so well take a sleep supplement
  • Read motivational quotes and watch videos of anyone who inspires you on YouTube
  • Keep fit, e.g- ride a bike, run, walk, hike
  • Eat healthily, and keep hydrated with fluids for vitality.
  • Journal your feelings
  • Stay connected to a community, friends, and family
  • Remind yourself why you want to be a massage therapist, and believe in your ability to succeed
  • Remember we are only in lockdown for a short time- and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  •  You have got this, will and can do it… You will be an amazing Massage Therapist.

All the best 😊

Bel Sweetman-Jones

Love, Light and Laughter Always

Bel now run Kowhai Kauri Massage Therapist

Dip Wellness & Relaxation Massage

Registered NZ Massage Therapist

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