IMPORTANT UPDATE for new and returning Wellpark students – welcome all
1) FREE FESTIVAL TICKETS – Free Tickets for Sacred Earth are for 6-9 February – If you have not recieved your FREE ticket to The Voices of Sacred Earth Festival and would like to join us for this amazing Event please contact
2) RELOCATION – Classrooms (excluding Prema Clinic) are relocated across campus so please ensure you read the Wellpark Noticeboard for directions on the day.
3) ORIENTATION – Orientation day/time for Year 1 Naturopathy students is changed – please arrive at 9:00 am Monday 10 February 2020 for ID/Photo, campus tour, welcome and orientation to the Programme.
4) BNHM ASSEMBLY – Assembly for returning Year 2 & 3 Naturopathy students is changed – classes start as per timetable at 9:30 am and/or please arrive at 13:00 pm for a campus tour or 13:30 pm for the welcome assembly.
5) MASSAGE ASSEMBLY – Assembly for rollover Massage students is changed  – Monday 10 February 2020 13:30 with the Naturopathy students.