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As a graduate of Wellpark College, we would like to offer you helpful resources and tools to support and assist you in your health care career & personal development.

The Careers New Zealand website provides career information, advice and guidance with interactive tools to help you move forward in your career journey and make better career decisions.

The website provides tools and information to help create a CV for you based on the information you provide. Useful additional templates and tools are included for skills analysis, interview preparation, understanding and integrating transferable skills into your CV, cover letter templates and defining CV styles.

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Completing the Diploma of Therapeutic Massage & Remedial Therapy at Wellpark not only gave me a new profession but a new outlook on life. While studying anatomy and physiology we had the priviledge of sharing classes, information and ideas with students and teaches of yoga, nutrition, naturopathy, and ayurveda. This opened up a whole new level of learning and rounded my world view. The course itself gave me all the skills necessary to start practicing as a Remedial Massage Therapist and more. I have had compliments from clients for the comprehensive assessment of their issues and effective use of a variety of techniques and approaches to effectively relieve long standing musculoskeletal issues such as sciatic pain, lower back issues, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, vertigo caused by upper neck tension. The holistic emphasis of Wellpark is particularly important when listening to clients and developing a treatment protocol that will enable them to respond. The tutors and staff at Wellpark are very competent and serious in ensuring that we are ready work as a massage therapist and I cannot thank them enough

– Kim McKay