Graduate Nutrition Scope of Practice

May Include:

  • Use of scientific and traditional evidence in development of nutritional and lifestyle treatment plan
  • Clients are assessed on their individual dietary needs
  • Prescription of use of foods as medicines
  • Dietary analysis and nutritional plan (may include therapeutic diet and/or diet modification)
  • Prescription, administration, dispensing and use of nutritional supplements or functional foods
  • Lifestyle counselling
  • Health assessment and the application of medical science, including pathophysiology
    from both orthodox and complementary and alternative medicine viewpoints and research findings
  • Recognition of red flags for referral

Graduate Nutritionists are not permitted to treat:

  • Notifiable disease (as defined by the New Zealand Ministry of Health).
  • Malignancies or neoplasms (of any type), except when the patient/client is under conventional medical care and the treatment is confined to lifestyle and dietary support
  • Psychiatric conditions where psychosis is the diagnosed disorder

Graduate nutritionists are not permitted to:

  • Prescribe, administer, dispense or recommend any herbal products or nutritional supplementation that contains medicinal herb ingredients. Any herbal products are outside the scope of practice of a nutritionist as it is not included in the nutritional training. If herbal medicine is require an appointment or referral to a Wellpark naturopathic student or graduate is required. The only exception to this is herbs and spices in food (e.g. culinary herbs) which can be recommended to your clients in recipes.
  • Students are not permitted to recommend any herbal product (packaged tea or otherwise) for a therapeutic purpose to their clients whilst  enrolled in NU201 as herbal medicine is outside their scope of practice.
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