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  • Letter of Intent
  • Your Passport or birth certificate.
  • Your schooling and tertiary qualifications or copies if certified as a true and correct copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace or Solicitor.
  • CV and character reference from an employer or teacher.


  • Letter of Intent
  • A copy of the ID page of your passport
  • An IELTS certificate if English is not your 1st language
  • Copies of your academic transcripts of high school or tertiary qualifications
  • A C.V. and any references you may wish to include

Letter of Intent should cover the following points: the reasons why you want to study on this particular programme; the reason you wish to study at Wellpark College; what you expect you might  learn on the programme; what you plan to do with your qualification when you are finished.

We will then contact you to arrange an appointment to meet or Skype with our Admissions Team to discuss your application. All courses are run subject to numbers.


All assessments are to be successfully completed prior to re-enrolment except for Learning Contracts and RESITs that are negotiated outside of the normal timeframe, which must be completed as an alternative pathway before College starts in the next year or, a specific notice is sent to the student that requires the student to attend class for the first week on the proviso that they will complete all course work before the end of the first week (8 days for domestic and 10 days for international students) or, the student is not able to re-enrol;


Pre-requisites and steps in the re-enrolment process:

  • Review your attendance and assessment progress: how well have you been meeting your study goals;
  • Complete the electronic Re-Enrolment Form below. The completed form is a stated intention by each student to re-enrol and therefore, an application for a provisional enrolment;
  • The Programme Leader confirms that each individual student is eligible for re-enrolment;
  • Pre-requisites may be considered at this time as Alternative or Part-time pathways;
  • The Enrolment Advisor will advise students of the provisional/approval enrolment status.
  • A fees invoice may be generated after December 11 of that year – this is in order for students to enquire about Study Loans etc;

Please read the terms and policies listed on the Enrolment Form before submitting, and click here for a listing of course fees.

For enquiries, please email the Enrolment Advisor -


Please refer to each specific faculty and qualification entry criteria requirement on each qualification page of the website.

Candidates should consider that they will be studying at the tertiary level and need to be able to plan academic studies, study independently, structure ideas, complete assessment work on time and have good verbal and written communication skills.

Students will be selected on the basis of their likelihood to succeed with their studies. Interviews will be conducted with all prospective students to gauge if their situation and circumstances will allow them to achieve successful study outcomes.

Applicants must show that they have the qualities required of a health practitioner in order to be enrolled on our programmes, including excellent communication skills, emotional stability, empathy, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, respect for people and rules and the physical and intellectual ability to complete the programme.

Wellpark College subscribes to the principles of human rights and equal opportunity in education and the Human Rights Act 1993. No individual will be assessed for entry on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country of origin, religion or race.

International students, please refer to the international students page or contact us here if you have any further enquiries.

Maori, Pacific and general scholarships are also available with their own criteria. Please contact the College for more information.

Please note: scholarships are available to NZ residents or citizens only.

Students are required to complete a recognized workplace First Aid Certificate completing unit standards 25661 and 25662 prior to starting the clinical portion of their programme, as part of their Wellpark course of study. For this students should enroll in a course run by an approved first aid provider. Typical fees for first aid training are between $150-$250+GST and should be paid directly to the provider.


Wellpark College collects and stores information about you from the Enrolment Form as required by educational and government agencies. The College is also required to release this information to such agencies. When you sign an Enrolment Form, you give Wellpark College permission to release this information about you on the understanding that the College will observe the general conditions governing the release of information as set out in the Privacy Act 1993. You also give permission to other agencies holding the source of information on the Enrolment form to release it to Wellpark College if so requested.

Full-Time And Part-Time Studies

Wellpark College will give priority to students wishing to undergo a full-time programme of studies. If you wish to change your mode of study from full-time to part-time during the programme, re-enrolment for a place in your chosen program of studies during the following academic year will not necessarily be guaranteed.

Fees - International Students

You must meet the full fee requirements of your programme as outlined in the Programme Fees and Related Costs section of the terms and conditions, located at the bottom of the Enrolment Form.

Fees - Domestic Students

If you are a domestic student, you may qualify for a government tuition subsidy. To be eligible for this, you must be either a Citizen of New Zealand, a Permanent Resident of New Zealand or a Permanent Resident of Australia residing in New Zealand. If you are a full-time student (0.8 EFTS or more), you are able to apply for both a student loan and student allowance.

Fee Protection

Wellpark College has an arrangement in place with the Public Trust for protection of student fees. This will cover you for the length of your programme of study and it ensures that you will receive a refund of fees for your unused tuition period of study if the College is unable to continue to offer your programme of study. Please direct any questions you may have to Wellpark College Student Liaison.

Assessments, Attendance And Academic Policies

Please read the Student Handbook carefully.

View Student Handbook

Withdrawal and Refund of Fees

If you withdraw PRIOR to the first day of the start of your programme of study*, you will be entitled to a full refund.

A. If you withdraw within eight (8) calendar days after the start of your programme* in which you have enrolled, you are entitled to a full refund of tuition fees less a 10% administration fee or $500, whichever is less.

Please note:
*start of your programme of study is the first day of your entire enrolment period for which you are enrolled (this includes Semester 2 courses enrolled in prior to the start of Semester 1).

B. If you withdraw after eight (8) calendar days from the start of the programme of study in which you have enrolled, (including semester two courses not yet started) no refunds can be made.

International Students

A. If you withdraw within 10 working days after the start of the programme in which you have enrolled (this includes Semester 2 courses enrolled in prior to the start of Semester 1), you are entitled to a full refund of tuition fees, less a 10% administration fee or $500, whichever is less.

B. If you withdraw after 10 working days from the start of the programme of study in which you have enrolled (including semester two courses not yet started), no
refunds can be made.
Please note:
* A programme of study is defined as any course or courses that you enrol in at any one time. If you enrol in additional courses during the year, these constitute a separate programme of study.


To apply for a deferral of a course or courses, you must complete a Deferral Application Form. Application for deferral must be received within 2 weeks from the date you last attended class, for the course you wish to defer. Any delay in applying for a deferral will hinder the chances of a successful approval of a deferral application. Furthermore, a deferral will only be approved for courses that have been fully paid.

Please note: deferrals will only be approved in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the College.

NB: Any condition that was pre-existing at the time of enrolment and was not declared on the Enrolment Form will no be eligible for consideration for deferral.

Course Cancellations

If the College has to cancel a course for whatever reason, you will be refunded the weeks of unused tuition.

Once we have received and accepted your completed Enrolment Form, and the interviewing process is complete, you will receive an invoice and an Enrolment Acceptance Form. Your invoice must be paid in full within eight (8) calendar days of being received and prior to the start of your programme of study*.

You will be formally enrolled once the Enrolment Acceptance Form has been signed and returned to Wellpark College. If the Enrolment Acceptance Form is not signed and returned prior to the start of your programme of study*, the College may consider that you have withdrawn your Enrolment Application and your application may be cancelled if there is a waiting list for your programme of study.

A range of scholarship opportunities are available through the Prema Trust and are open to students who meet the criteria:

  • Applicants are required to have a good academic history and/or equivalent professional experience in a related natural health discipline.
  • A four page "statement of purpose", describing applicants' reasons and goals for study, motivation, commitment and ability to contribute to the practice and growth of their chosen field of study, is required.
  • To obtain application forms for scholarships please contact the Student Liaison Officer.
  • Selected applicants will be required to attend an interview before the final selection is made.
  • Maori, Pacific and general scholarships are also available. Please contact the College for more information.
  • Please note: scholarships are available to NZ residents or citizens only.

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