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Information regarding studying for a qualification in Natural Health

The Wellpark Timetable – what days/times are the classes held on?

Classes are generally between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. There are some exceptions to this with classes going later into the evening. Wellpark College tries to arrange your timetables so that you are here on set days and have some days on which to complete self-directed learning at home.

What is the student’s age group, am I too old to study?

18-68. Our courses are not age or gender-based. We welcome all applicants. Remember clients span all ages and genders so it is great that the health and wellness industry can offer therapists in a broad age group too.

Should I study Full-time or Part-time?

This is a big question for many students and needs to take into account your personal situations. Wellpark College offers both alternatives for the Naturopathy. Many of our students find that full-time study allows them to totally immerse themselves in the experience and relevant fields. We encourage you to study full-time if you can.

Where should I live in Auckland?
Living in Auckland is great. This large city offers all kinds of accommodation. You could live in a shared flat with other Wellpark College Students; you could live with one of many homestays available in the area; you could live at the Kawaipurapura retreat. Trade Me is a great place to start looking for apartments and houses.
Does Wellpark College offer distance / online courses?
Wellpark College offers Blended Learning for the Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (Years 1 & 2) and the 1-year Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage. This is a combination of live online classrooms & on-campus intensives. Please refer to our Online Learning Page page for all the details.
What is the Qualification Framework
In New Zealand, NZQA has set up a quality assurance framework, which has undergone several changes over the years. Wellpark College programmes fall into two categories: Qualifications that are on the framework (These are level 5 & 6 qualifications) and Qualifications that have what is termed ‘local approval’, which are unique to Wellpark but meet the standards set by the profession(s) The qualifications framework in its current form has only been in operation for the last three years. Prior to this all Wellpark Qualifications had approval from NZQA, but were not on the framework. Only those qualifications that are on the framework are searchable through the NZQA website. For all programmes delivered by the College up until this time, you will need to contact the College for programme information. Often students will ask for course information for a programme that has been delivered in the past. We are happy to provide this for recent programmes (over the last seven years). Prior to this, we cannot guarantee that we can provide you with such information, as educational programmes evolve over time. Students are advised to retain all course information, particularly CODs and syllabi for future reference and educational development.