Entry criteria: Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

To be accepted on to the Wellpark College Bachelor of Naturopathy Programme, you must meet the following entry criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age prior to commencing your programme
  • Have passed NCEA Level 2 or the equivalent level
  • Have no communicable diseases, physical or psychological impairments which may adversely affect your ability to undertake a programme of study or work with people in a clinical setting
  • A minimum of 42 credits at Level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), including a minimum of 14 credits at Level 3 or higher in each of two subjects from the approved NZQA subject list. A further 14 credits at Level 3 or higher taken from no more than two additional domains on the NQF or approved subjects, and a minimum of 14 credits at Level 1 or higher in Mathematics on the NQF, and a minimum of 8 credits at Level 2 or higher on the NQF in English or Maori, 4 credits must be in reading and 4 credits must be in writing. These literacy credits must be selected from a schedule of approved achievement standards and unit standards, and a minimum of 12 credits at NQF level 2 or higher in one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Science or equivalent secondary school qualifications
  • Be able to communicate competently in English. International students or residents whose first language is neither English nor Maori shall provide IELTS results with a minimum band score of 6.5 overall and not less than 6 in each band or evidence of a comparable level of proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Students enrolling for a complete qualification must submit a short essay of no more than one A4 page with their application. They should clearly state their reasons for wanting to study in the programme and work in the profession
  • Applicants must show that they have the qualities required of a health practitioner in order to be enrolled in our programmes, including excellent communication skills, emotional stability, empathy, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills, respect for people and rules and the physical and intellectual ability to complete the programme

The Faculty has the discretionary right to decline a student a place if they think she/he is ineligible and/or unsuitable or will be unlikely to succeed with their studies.

Applications for entry should be submitted by December. Those who are chosen to undergo the interview process will be informed soon after. We encourage all who are considering enrolling to meet with the faculty beforehand to discuss their aspirations and seek advice and guidance. We also encourage those wishing to enrol to submit their applications early as places are limited.

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