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This course will run again in Term 1 of 2021
We live in a fast-paced world full of convenience and processed foods where it’s not always easy to maintain a healthy balanced diet. We want to help you break bad habits and choose nutritious healthy food options.
This short course runs over 2 days at our North Shore campus in Albany, Auckland.
The course will cover:
• Super Foods!
• Essential Vitamins, Mineral and Proteins
• Probiotics and Healthy Digestion
• Fats and Cholesterol
• Blood Sugar and Glucose
• Micronutrients
• Water and Detoxification
• Eating for your Body Type
• Diets including Ayurvedic, Low Carb, Healthy Fats, Mediterranean and Paleo
• Foods to assist your nervous system and help combat stress
• Eating for better skin
There are lots of great handouts, product samples to try out and healthy recipes to take home.
Olivia Kennedy your tutor will provide you with lots of nutritional advice and healthy food options, the classes are casual and easy to follow with plenty of time for questions and answers. Our aim is to provide you with the scientific facts behind healthy food, but in a way that allows you to easily apply them to your day to day food choices.
Your tutor on this short course will be Wellpark College’s Naturopathy and Nutrition Graduate, Olivia Kennedy. Liv’s Apothecary
Olivia now runs her own health clinic, Liv’s Apothecary and has also started teaching Natural Health Sciences. She has a passion for promoting good gut health and the many benefits you will receive by taking care of your digestive system.
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