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Learning to suit your location

Wellpark College offers a combination of live interactive classrooms and on campus study.

Wellpark College offers a combination of live interactive classrooms and on-campus study. You will be able to study

Years 1 & 2 of the Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine, which are delivered through mixed-mode (on and off-campus students sharing live interactive classrooms).

Year 3 students complete the final year fully on campus to gain practical clinical experience to become skilled and confident practitioners.

One year of the Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage through Blended Delivery (see below).

Students receive access to comprehensive learning materials and a Lead Tutor for each session of the course

Off-campus student

A student who enrols at Wellpark College and attends most of their courses off-campus but attends prescheduled sessions according to the syllabus in live interactive classroom sessions with selected courses attended through Immersions.

On-campus student

A student who enrolls at Wellpark College and attends all of their courses on campus. Some programs or years require this status.

Blended delivery

Blended delivery is a term we use for the Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage Programme. This is an approved delivery mode that encompasses pre-recorded theory sessions and practical sessions that are conducted on campus and are not recorded.

These following two terms are descriptors for the Bachelor Degree of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine Years 1 & 2-course delivery mode only
Mixed mode

An approved Programme of Study with on and off-campus students participating simultaneously in prescheduled live classroom sessions. The sessions are recorded. Wellpark College primarily uses interactive technology including Zoom and interactive smartboards.

Live interactive classrooms

This is the name of the session’s delivery mode, where students are expected to schedule and attend all sessions according to the course syllabus – if a student does not attend a session, they will be marked absent. The sessions are live interactive group-based sessions where students learn through interactive smartboard technology. Recordings are not permitted to be downloaded

Face 2 face learning

Face to face is an occasional term we use to describe the act of the students in the classroom – it does not describe a delivery method. At Wellpark, we use the acronym ‘F2F’.Online assessments:

A term we use when we describe the presentation of a Test/Exam through Moodle (online).

Attendance and Achievement summary

80% attendance is a requirement for all theory courses with a 100% attendance requirement for practical components (see Student Handbook). Students must achieve at least 50% or a Competency grade for ALL course assessments.

Read through some of the more frequently asked questions below.

All students receive the well-recognized Wellpark learning experience. Faculty staff is in regular contact to help. Students engage in discussion with Tutors in the live classrooms and additionally through Moodle Q&A forums with their classmates, networking and making lifelong connections with like-minded individuals.

All of the courses for each year of a program must be completed before a student can enrol in courses in subsequent years.

Click to book a chat with our Enrolment Advisor and find out if Mixed mode learning (BNHM) or Blended Learning (Massage) is right for you.

What is the time commitment?

If you choose full-time study, allow 40 hours a week for both tutor directed live interactive and practical sessions and self-directed study. The Massage Diploma will include pre-recorded sessions.

Can I study part-time?

Yes you can study Part time when the selected programme is available. If you choose part-time study, allow 20 hours a week for tutor directed live interactive and practical sessions and self-directed study. The Massage Diploma will include pre-recorded sessions.

Can I work while studying?

Yes. Also see Can I study Fulltime or Part-time. To avoid burnout or poor attendance/achievement /motivation, we advise students, enrolled on any programme, to work no more 10 hours a week. Part-time students will be able to work up to 20 hours a week – also keep in mind family commitments.

Are the fees the same for on- and off campus students?


Are the immersion sessions optional? Can I study the courses listed as immersion otherwise?

No, Immersion sessions are pre-set with mandatory attendance (100%). If you do not attend these courses nor make Up a Missed Practical Session through an approval process, you will not pass the course, no exceptions. Immersion sessions cannot be taken out of order as they each cover topics in sequence. Immersion dates are listed on the website.

How will I sit my assessments?

Written assessments are uploaded through the E-learning platform Moodle. Other practical assessments, Tests and Exams will be sat online or during the immersion sessions.

Are the clinical components of my qualification conducted off campus?

No. The clinical components of the Massage Diploma and the 3rd year of the naturopathic and herbal medicine degree are conducted on campus or through approved community service learning. Supervised clinical sessions ensure that students graduate with practice skills and confidence, ready to consult or even set up clinical practice. This means being in Auckland for at 3-4 full days of coursework a week during term time.

How do I keep connected with other students?

We will add you to closed Facebook groups for discussion/networking purposes. We provide regular Moodle News forums and updates and through the interactive sessions find that students are in contact with each other week to week.