From Home school to University – It’s a big transition

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From Home school to University – It’s a big transition

Home schooling has grown in popularity over the past decade and for many students it is the perfect environment in which to learn and grow.

However making the transition to tertiary education can be daunting. It’s a big jump from the security of home school and a smaller environment to learning with thousands of others, negotiating the processes and systems of a large institution and making a whole new group of friends.


Patience Beumelburg a recent graduate of the 6 month Certificate of Relaxation Massage,  joined us from a Home school back ground. Patience told us about why Wellpark College was a good options for her.

What did you study at Wellpark College?

I studied relaxation massage therapy.

What where you looking for in a College, what qualities were most important to you?

I was looking for somewhere grounded and student-orientated. I knew I would not be happy at a huge university with long hallways and thousands of students. I wanted somewhere where I could recognize peoples faces and wouldn’t feel like just one tiny drop in a huge sea.

Did you find those qualities at Wellpark College, why did you feel Wellpark was a good fit for you?

I think I did, yes. Wellpark was nice because most of the tutors spoke with us as if we were their peers. We were treated with such respect and it made it feel comfortable and as though we could approach anyone of the faculty with questions or suggestions as if we belonged there. I didn’t just go there for a period of time; I belonged there.

What are you planning to do with your qualification?

I am planning on opening my own business. I’d love yo have my own little massage clinic soon and be self employed.

What advice would you give to other students who have come from a home school background and looking to join a College or University?

I’d say don’t just pick the first place you look at. There are options out there and it’s really worth finding a place that you’re comfortable to be in. I think it makes the biggest difference, especially when it’s something you’re going to be spending a lot of time doing, it costs money, and exams are stressful! If you have a comfortable place to go to with people that are supportive, everything else is easier.


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