February Newsletter 2020

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February Newsletter 2020

Turn your passion for Natural health and wellbeing into your profession



February is usually a busy month at Wellpark College with students returning to campus. With changes to Auckland’s Covid alert levels, we have been forced to adapt our systems and get students online via live steam classrooms to allow study to get underway. Unfortunately, Orientation Day had to be cancelled but during the short reprieve back to Level 1 we were able to enjoy a week on campus and come together for shared lunches, a chance for students, tutors and staff to wish each other well for the coming months of study ahead.

It was a real pleasure to meet with our new students and welcome back to campus our 2nd and 3rd-year degree students, and massage students in semester 2 of their diploma. We acknowledge your commitment to learning and self-discovery as you embark on a new career or lifestyle change.
“You join us as students but you will graduate as colleagues”.
Good Luck to you all.


Life on Campus

1st Aid Training Day for our new students

In order to be able to practice under supervision in our student training clinic, The Prema Clinic, all students must undergo first aid training. The Prema Clinic will be seeing clients again in April, please see the webpage for more details on how the clinic might be able to help you.

Prema Clinic

Wellpark College Students 1st aid training


Short courses in March

Wellness Tools for Life

Nutrition course at wellpark college

Join us online or on-campus over 6 Wednesday evenings. This course explores Holistic Nutrition and how what you eat can affect how you feel and function. We will demystify diet fads, vitamins & minerals, proteins, carbs and gut health so that you can make informed food choices that will help improve your overall health & wellbeing.


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Learn to give a great Massage

Over a weekend learn more about relaxation massage. Great demonstrations and lots of hands-on practice. Give the gift of massage to your friends and family.


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Herbs and Essential Oils

Essential oils for February

Essential oils ~ Neroli & Melissa

This month blend the essential oils of Melissa and Neroli to promote a good nights sleep and warm your heart and spirit. Click to read more about these oils.

Essential Oil of the month


Garden Herbs ~ Fennel

Herb of the month

Fennel is a wonderful herb and has been used as a medicine and a food for hundreds of years to help with digestion. Click to find out more about this common garden herb.



Campus grounds & gardens

We love the fact that Wellpark College is surrounded by trees and gardens, there is no better pace to study natural health than surrounded by nature. While the College was closed for the Christmas holidays the arborists came in to tidy the trees up and let in more light. Our gardening crew now have a big landscaping job ahead of them but we are all looking forward to seeing the results.

Our People

Founder & Principal Emeritus

Over 30 years ago Phillip Cottingham co founded Wellpark College. Phillip’s vision was to bring more qualified Practitioners and awareness of complementary medicine and integrated health care to New Zealand and the world. Phillip has been involved with many international associations and research projects and although he has now passed on the day to day logistics of running the college he holds the position of an Emeritus. Phillip continues to give his inspiring lectures, assist in expanding Wellpark College’s research opportunities and furthering our educational program options.


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