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International Student – 2nd year studying Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

International Student Solène, from France, talks about being in her 2nd year of the her Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine. Solène, you are a Year 2 Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine Student, can you tell what you are learning in year 2 of you Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine degree As second year students, we are preparing to go into clinicals at the end of the year and next year. Therefore we are focusing strongly on pathophysiology and health assessment so we can start recognising signs and symptoms in our clients. We also study nutrition to understand the role of diet on a patient’s wellbeing, both as a cause of illness and as a way to restore health. Herbalism also comes in to support the clients in their journey. What’s...


Where a Career in Natural Health might take you! What some 2014 Wellpark College Graduates are doing now.

If you've dreamed of a career in Natural Health, then be inspired by what Graduating 2014 students are doing now. Here's what some of our recent graduates are up to now! We are very proud of their achievements and successes and we wish them well for the future. "Teaching yoga classes at a holiday resort in Fiji" DIPLOMA IN YOGA GRADUATE 2014 "Working from home-based clinic fits in with my family commitments" CERTIFICATE IN RELAXATION MASSAGE GRADUATE 2014 "I work from home in my clinic" BACHELOR OF NATUROPATHY "I'm in the UK teaching cooking/nutrition in the Public Health system" BACHELOR OF NATUROPATHY GRADUATE 2014 "Currently running my home-based clinic part-time & working part-time in a Health Store" DIPLOMA OF NUTRITION GRADUATE 2014 "I am formulating/researching health products at the moment" DIPLOMA OF NUTRITION GRADUATE 2014 Start your career journey with us...