What Essential Oil best suits your Horoscope – Aquarius.


Essentail Oil Horoscope brought to us each month by Body Therapies Teacher Rina Poerwadi

Aquarius – 21st Jan – 19th Feb

Aquarius is the last of the Air signs, which is possibly confusing as its name means ‘Water Bearer’

People born under this sign often appear eccentric or non conformist, but they may well be geniuses! The ‘absent minded professor’- intellectually brilliant but totally unable to cope with the day-to-day practicalities of life – is an Aquarian archetype.

Your signature  essential oil is Neroli (Citrus aurantinum), the flower of Orange tree, dilute 3 drops of Neroli with 100 ml Neroli hydrolats to compress puffy and tired eyes every night.

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Rina Poerwadi – your Tutor. Reference: Patricia Davis ,Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Aquarius , p 109.