Aromatherapy Zodiac – Leo

Aromatherapy Zodiac – Leo  

24th July – 23rd Aug


Leo just loves to bask in other people’s attention, to be centre stage, hardly surprising as its traditional ‘ruler’ is the Sun, the centre of our solar system. Even shy, introverted Leos need recognition, perhaps more than the extrovert ones. Leo is traditionally the sign of kings and by extension to political leaders.  It is also the sign of the performer : the actor, musician, dancer, pop star, though you will find abundance of Leos in all the creative professions.

Your signature oil is Jasmine and ONLY Jasmine is good enough for Leo. Just as the Lion is considered King of the Beasts, so Jasmine has long been called the King Of Oils (Rose is being the Queen). Jasmine has a strong aphrodisiac quality. Use it wisely.

Find out more about Aromatherapy at AT 101’s class. See you there, Rina Poerwadi – your Tutor. Reference: Patricia Davis, Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Leo, p 85.