Aromatherapy Horoscope – Libra


Libra 24th Sep – 23rd Oct

Enjoy our Aromatherapy Horoscope for Libra

Justice, fairness and balance are, indeed, very important for Librans. They will look at both sides of any argument, try to see the other person’s view, try to weigh up every situation and resolve every dispute. Libra is the diplomat and peacekeeper of the Zodiac.

No wonder if your signature  Aromatherapy oil is Geranium. The oil of Balance and Harmony. Not everybody likes Geranium because of its dominant aroma, use one drop and mix it with Rose, Palmarosa or Patchouli to create a nice blend for body and facial massage and BE HAPPY!

Find out more about Aromatherapy at AT 101’s class. See you there, Rina Poerwadi – your Tutor.             Reference: Patricia Davis ,Astrological Aromatherapy 2002, Libra, p 93.