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Why you might choose to see a nutritionist
  • You are interested in natural therapies: whole foods, environmental wellbeing, mind-body wellness, use of herbs & supplements to nudge your health back to wellness.
  • You would like to be as healthy & well as you could be.
  • You would like a holistic wellness plan, health assessment & wellness advice.
  • You would like help to start & maintain your health goals
A Naturopath can assist you with the following health concerns

bloating / abdominal discomfort / bloating / abdominal discomfort / bloating / abdominal discomfort / bloating / abdominal discomfort

A holistic wellness plan & assessment includes

A consultation that discusses every aspect of your health; your present health concern/health history /sleep/environment / physical activity / nutritional intake/stress management/mind & mood health / physical examination includes taking your blood pressure, urinalysis & a random glucose finger prick test.

Nutritionists refer outside of their scope of practice for medical assessment and diagnosis or other practitioners as appropriate e.g. naturopaths and herbalists for herbal medicine prescriptions.

Diagnosed with a medical condition, and taking prescribed medications; All senior student naturopaths are educated to identify any safety concerns/contraindications/precautions with medications – supplements – herb and or food interactions.

Nutritionists can support you if you have health concerns such as

acne / bloating / abdominal discomfort / food intolerance / passing lots of gas / constipation / diarrhoea / lack of energy / fatigue / not sleeping well / lacking concentration / problems losing or maintaining a healthy weight and low mood.

Our student nutritionists are also able to help those who wish to learn more about diet for fitness and sport.

Consultations with a senior student nutritionist
  • A full consultation with a senior nutrition student involves 3 appointments.
  • These appointments commence in terms 3 and 4
  • The initial consultations are on Wednesdays with appointment times from 12.30 – 8.30pm
  • Total cost is $30 inclusive of all 3 appointments.
  • This is paid at the first appointment – payment is by EFTPOS or credit card only, as we do not have cash facilities.
  • 48 hours before all appointments you will receive a reminder email, and 24 hours before your appointment you will receive a TXT.
The consultation consists of
1 x 2 hour initial consultation
  • This includes a comprehensive, holistic health and nutritional assessment including a physical examination. Please bring with you to the appointment all prescribed medications and supplements you are taking and also any recent medical test results you may have. The information gathered by the student is considered very carefully and a plan is written that is specific for you. The plan is assessed by the clinic supervisors. This process takes 2 weeks.
1 x 45 min wellness plan presentation
  • The student nutritionist will present the plan that has been written for you. You will discuss together the priorities and what you feel you can achieve.
1x 45 minute follow up appointment
  • Your student nutritionist will be very keen to know how you are progressing. At this meeting you will discuss together your progress and further steps may be suggested to get you closer to your goal. Health improvement is a dynamic process and advice and goals may change as you progress.

Please note that our clinic is fully supervised by experienced clinical supervisors.

All senior nutrition students are in their final year of study towards their qualification of Diploma of Nutrition.

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies abides by the codes of NZ Health & Disability Act and Medicines Act 1981 Guidance for Natural Therapists. Written consent will be gained from you before your consultation and ongoing consent is sought for any questions and procedures.

All client records are kept in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Health & Disability Act htpp://

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