Prema Clinic Naturopathic Consultations with Senior Naturopath Students.

Prema Clinic Auckland 

Free Naturopathy Consultation, Wellness Plan and Follow up

An ‘On the Spot Consultation’ takes 3 hours – 2 hours for the consultation – 30 min with the clinical supervisor, (whilst the client takes a stroll or waits in the waiting area,) 30 minutes to present the wellness plan to the client – includes herbs or supplements, (payment required for these if the client wishes to buy). Clients come back for one follow up appointment to discuss their progress.

Clinical days in term 4 will also change to Thursdays – 1pm – 8.30pm and Fridays 9.30am until 4.30pm.

Free Appointments for Clients with Medically Diagnosed Health Conditions

We Offer 8 consecutive Free Appointments from late July onwards to people suffering from a medically diagnosed long term, chronic condition such as IBS, Diabetes, Anxiety, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Endometriosis. Please email the Clinic to discuss if you qualify for free appointments.

Senior naturopath students are required as part of their clinical experience in gaining the qualification of Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, to see and work with persons who have a medically diagnosed, long term condition. There are eight appointments involved at this time as the goal is to assist you to return to the best possible health.

All eight appointment times are free (no cost to you), with agreement to the conditions stated in the client commitment agreement form. You will be prescribed a herbal formula and or supplements to take – these will incur a cost.

For initial consultations allow 2 hours, all follow up appointments are 45 minutes.

If you are interested in this offer as stated above please inquire by e-mailing

To ensure safety for everyone and to prevent the spread of the virus. Pre-screening for COVID-19 exposure is completed before entering Prema clinic. You will be provided with a fresh mask to wear inside the clinic for the  duration of your appointment.

Appointments are  available on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons/evenings throughout the year.

Why you might choose to see a Naturopath:

  • You are interested in natural therapies: whole foods, environmental wellbeing, mind-body wellness, use of herbs & supplements to nudge your health back to wellness
  • You would like to be as healthy & well as you could be
  • You would like a holistic wellness plan, health assessment & wellness advice
  • You would like help to start & maintain your health goals

Book your Free Wellness Check up with a Senior Naturopathy Student, at the Prema Clinic in Albany, Auckland

E-mail for your appointment request.

Appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons/evenings throughout the year

A Naturopath can assist you with the following health concerns;

  • stress and anxiety
  • acne & skin conditions
  • menstrual pain and menopausal issues
  • bloating & abdominal discomfort
  • migraines and headaches
  • passing lots of gas
  • constipation / diarrhoea
  • lack of energy and fatigue
  • insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns
  • lack of concentration and mental focus
  • problems losing or maintaining a healthy weight

E-mail for your appointment request.

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare with a deep history of traditional philosophies and practices, with a breadth of natural treatment options to serve clients. Naturopaths believe that when the mind, body and spirit – whole person are in balance, health and wellbeing exists and can be promoted and maintained using a client centred, naturopathic health care approach

Your appointment will start with a consultation that discusses every aspect of your health; your present health concern/health history /sleep/environment / physical activity / nutritional intake/stress management/mind & mood health / physical examination includes taking your blood pressure, urinalysis &  a random glucose finger prick test.

Naturopaths refer outside their scope of practice for medical assessment and diagnosis from other health practitioners as appropriate.

If  you are diagnosed with a medical condition, and taking prescribed medications; All senior student naturopaths are educated to identify any safety concerns/contraindications / precautions with medications – supplements – herb and or food interactions.

E-mail for your appointment request.

Consultations are Free, there may be some charges for herbal remedies.

Appointments are held at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies purpose built Prema Clinic 14 Mills Lane, Albany.

All clinical sessions are fully supervised by qualified and experienced naturopath practitioners.

48 hours before all appointments you will receive a reminder email, and 24 hours before your appointment you will receive a TXT.

Cancellation policy:

Please give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation to give other members of the public the chance to take your place

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies abides by the codes of the NZ Health & Disability Act and Privacy Act and 1981 Medicines Act for Natural Therapists. Written consent will be gained from you before your consultation and ongoing consent is sought for any questions and procedures.

All client records are in kept in accordance with the Privacy Act and


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