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Wellpark College of Natural Therapies has been established for over 28 years. Wellpark College is an NZQA-registered private training establishment, offering flexible study options for tertiary education. Join the Wellpark College community and study with like-minded people. Enjoy the support offered by tutors and staff who will help you to become the best practitioner you can be.

At Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, we are dedicated to a holistic and scientific approach to integrated medicine, where natural health therapists work alongside traditional health professionals. Our approach recognises the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) and optimises well-being to affect good health and the best possible recovery from illness. Our clinical program will allow you to work with real patients in our student clinic, The Prema Clinic, ensuring that upon graduation you are confident and ready to start practicing.

We Mean What We say

Natural therapies will become a respected and integral part of the health care system;

All people may have access to natural health care;

Prevention rather than cure will be the prime motivation behind all healthcare;

Natural therapists play a respected and integral role in society.

To develop and deliver educational programmes for natural therapies;

To establish research into natural medicine;

To foster excellence in natural therapies education and practice;

To provide community education in natural therapies.

Aroha - love and caring for all;

Rangimarie; peacefulness in all our activities;

Mahi Tika; appropriate activity that respects others;

Pono; fostering the truth that we are all connected.

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Why Study with us?

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The North shore is the perfect location to learn. Highly accessible, ample parking, and all the amenities of the city without the clutter.


We want to make student life as easy & fun as possible, and there are a number of resources on campus to facilitate this.

What They Say

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To further develop an educational facility that fosters excellence in the practice of natural medicine, within a natural setting, conducive to learning and growth.
Providing a Research Centre that will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the integrative medicine and its applications within the health care system.
Residential Care
To create a residential care facility that fosters healing and educates in the joy of healthy living and wellbeing and to offer such care, free to members of society who are unable to afford it. This facility will also provide the opportunity for supervised clinical internships for new Wellpark graduates.
Natural Health Clinic
To facilitate the bringing together of various natural health and mainstream disciplines within one location.
Wellbeing Retreats
To build a wellbeing retreat experience second to none in New Zealand that attracts a comprehensive range of workshops and retreats.
Residential Village
To bring together a community that is guided by common values.